Time Spent On Mobile Way Ahead Of Ad Dollars Spent On Mobile

People spent 30 percent more time on their mobile devices over the last year than they did the year before, and also spent more time on mobile than they did on newspapers and magazines combined, according to new research from eMarketer. However, mobile advertising remains a tricky proposition as companies attempt to figure out the best way to reach mobile users without enraging them.

U.S. adults spend an average of a little over an hour engaged with their mobile phones over the course of a day, a 30 percent jump compared to last year, eMarketer said in its latest report. That compares to a combined total of 44 minutes a day with newspapers and magazines, 4.34 hours a day watching television, and 2.47 hours a day on the Internet.

But while mobile is growing faster than the other categories, it has a woefully small share of the advertising dollars spent across these categories. Mobile devices account for 10 percent of the time spent with various forms of media but only enjoys 0.9 percent of the advertising dollars spent across the various forms of media. Newspapers and magazines receive a greater share of ad dollars compared to time spent, while TV, Internet, and radio ad spending is about in line with usage.

As we’ve discussed at a few of our conferences this year, one of the big problems is figuring out exactly how to advertise on mobile devices. The use of different screen sizes across mobile phones plays havoc with any attempts to settle on standard ad formats, and eMarketer noted that a fair amount of one’s mobile time is spent making calls. (It helpfully points out “marketers would be wise not to interrupt” one’s phone conversations.)