Photos: The wild power grid of Old Delhi

Power grid Old Delhi
Cities in India have goals to make the power grid more reliable and more efficient in the coming years, particularly to help ease the addition of several more gigawatts of solar power on the Indian grid. But in reality the power grid in many Indian cities is a crippled network that is often hit with rolling blackouts.

Over the next week and a half I’ll be traveling with the Geeks on a Plane tech group (see disclosure) and we’ll be visiting entrepreneurs, tech execs and different sites in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. While we were in Old Delhi on Sunday, I snapped these photos of some of the wild jerry-rigged grid action going on in a few sections of the city. Now that is some craziness. Check out my little photo essay of Old Delhi’s “grid gone wild:”

Disclosure: Geeks on a Plane covered part of the cost of the trip.