Today in Cleantech

New numbers from a Yale/GMU poll on climate change have been released. The belief that global warming is happening and that it is affecting weather in the U.S. stayed constant in the mid 60 percent range. The only significant change versus May 2011 was that now 57 percent of Americans disagree with the statement, “With the economy in such bad shape, the U.S. can’t afford to reduce global warming.” This is an 8 percent increase over the last six months. The skeptic in me believes that the response to this question is highly correlated with employment and the macro U.S. economic situation, and well, the U.S. economy may actually be in slightly better shape than people think. On the flip side, maybe people are coming to their senses and are less locked into seeing the relationship between the U.S. economy and the fight against global warming as a zero sum game.