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Controlling your destiny in the new talent economy

LinkedIn's Deep Nishar at GigaOM's Net:Work 2011Thanks to global connectivity and networking sites like LinkedIn, workers now have more ability to take charge of their professional lives than ever before. At GigaOM’s Net:Work conference in San Francisco Thursday, LinkedIn’s SVP of Products and User Experience Deep Nishar highlighted how it’s trying to provide tools to make users more productive and successful.

“More and more people becoming part of this uber talent marketplace … They are entrepreneurs of their own lives,” Nishar said. That doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily going out and starting up their own companies. But in the new talent economy, everyone’s in charge of their own destiny.

So what is LinkedIn doing to capture more users during this transition? And what can users do to take advantage of LinkedIn’s tools?

Nishar said the first step is for users to create their profiles, and for LinkedIn to help them to build their professional networks. According to Nishar, users with completed profiles are about 12 times more likely to find new jobs through the site than those who don’t.

But LinkedIn doesn’t stop there — it’s also trying to help users get relevant information about their field with its top headlines in the industries that users work in. Nishar said the goal is to make users aware of what’s happening in their professional world, but to allow them to do so in just about 15 minutes a day.

Finally, LinkedIn wants to be mobile, with apps and optimized web experiences that help users connect from wherever they are. LinkedIn recently launched a new iPhone app, but has yet to build a comparable experience on the iPad. But when asked if an iPad app was coming soon, Nishar demurred, saying he couldn’t confirm or deny one way or the other.

While LinkedIn is all about networking, it’s not about the same type of social networking and sharing as, say, Facebook. So LinkedIn isn’t interested in driving up the amount of time its users spend on the site, Nishar said. Since LinkedIn’s goal is to make people more productive, it can’t do that if users are there all day. Instead, LinkedIn tries to measure how much value users get out of the time they do spend on the site, by what they do when they visit.

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