Instagram, Snapseed picture-perfect in Apple’s best of 2011

Apple (s aapl) revealed iTunes Rewind 2011 on Thursday, its latest installment of the annual feature where it lauds the best content available on its network of iTunes media stores. The list highlights the best in music, apps, TV shows, movies, e-books and podcasts for 2011, covering various genres and devices.

The App Store list is the most interesting to me, as you can definitely see a trend in what the Apple team values in apps. The iPhone App of the Year (iTunes link) went to Instagram, which is an iPhone-exclusive (for now) photo-sharing network, and the iPad App of the Year (iTunes link) was Snapseed, which is basically a simple photo editor for iPad that lets you apply Instagram-like filter effects to your photos, but with more granular control.

In both the iPhone and iPad categories, runners-up for App of the Year included music-related titles. VidRhythm on the iPhone is an app for creating mashup music videos with friends; Band of the Day highlights one artist each day, as its name implies, and provides track selections, biographical information and more for each band it profiles; and djay on the iPad, which is a digital turntable, also got a nod.

Games on the iPhone and iPad singled out for praise include Dead Space on the iPad as Game of the Year, and Tiny Tower named the same for the iPhone. It was a “Tiny” sweep on the iPhone as Tiny Wings came in as a runner-up, with indie darling Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP grabbing that honor for the iPad, alongside another unique title, puzzler Contre Jour HD.

On the Mac App Store, Apple also picked favorites, including Pixelmator and Civilization V. Djay got another nod on the Mac as a runner-up, alongside game Anomaly Warzone. Check out the rest of the list in the MAS section (App Store link) created specifically for this year’s list.

Check out all the top picks for apps, and all other media, including artist, album and song of the year at Apple’s iTunes Rewind 2011 (iTunes link) dedicated page.