Twitter's New Look Means More Relevance For Users and Advertisers

Twitter advertisers' enhanced profiles

Twitter right now can feel like a playground for a high priesthood of celebrities, marketers and journalists. Today, as part of an effort to entice a greater number of non-technophiles, the site announced a new look that offers a more everyman feel.

Twitter’s new look, announced this morning, is clean and intuitive. There are separate “connect” and “discover” screens and new ways to create a warmer, more personal profile page. A pretty new home page ties it all together in a way that makes sense.

The micro-blogging site also announced later today that it’s wading into the world of branded pages which have soared in popularity on Facebook and Google+. Twitter is styling these “enhanced profile pages” and is launching them with 19 advertising partners including Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Verizon, and charities like the Red Cross. The pages look gorgeous and also provide the brand owners with more control of their tweet flow and user interactions.

Twitter’s new look still doesn’t explain why people use the site to blather about their minutiae of their lives. But it is likely to make the world of tweets more relevant to many more people and companies.

For a detailed account of Twitter’s new features, see this excellent account at AdAge.

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