Facebook's Video Views Rising, But Mostly For Discovery

Consumers are increasingly using Facebook for video – but, despite studios and broadcasters hosting more of their content on the social network, it remains mostly a gateway to video hosted elsewhere.

The proportion of UK consumers who used Facebook for video in the last year rose from zero to 29 percent, according to new Oliver & Ohlbaum research *…

But a majority (35.1 percent) of users use Facebook for content discovery, ahead of 22.2 percent who use it as a source of content.

Miramax, Warner Bros. and BBC Worldwide have been amongst those to make their premium content available on Facebook directly.

  • TV: Still, the percentage going of users visiting broadcasters’ own video sites has not grown in the last year, O&O says.
  • Movies: Only 0.9 percent of users use Facebook for Hollywood movies.

O&O’s findings are not too surprising. Premium video initiatives on Facebook are relatively new, whereas UK broadcasters own the online catch-up TV space and several aggregator brands already dominate online movies. Facebook is used far more for user-generated content, O&O found…

Indeed, YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) recently said that 300 years, or 2.6 million hours, of YouTube video are watched on Facebook every day.

Meanwhile, another bit of research could explain a bit more about why longer-form video is not being watched as much yet on Facebook…

Ofcom reported in October that in the UK young adults use Facebook on mobile more than they do on PCs, and this shift to mobile meant there was less browsing time spent on the social network.

Facebook is huge, used by nearly 70 percent of European adults each month, according to new comScore data. In the UK, that is actually above 80 percent.

* The jump may also be explained because, in 2010, O&O gave survey respondents the option of writing in “Facebook” whilst, in 2011, it explicitly listed “Facebook” as a survey option.