Kickstarter finds: iPod shuffle headgear and hiding Bluetooth speakers

I remember when finding projects on Kickstarter related to Apple (s aapl) products were relatively hard to find — especially good ones. Those days are over, and we’ve got another crop of interesting, cleverly designed and above all potentially useful Kickstarter projects to prove it.

Your music, packaged as simply as possible

The ODDIO1 is a smart-looking set of headphones that can caddy your iPod shuffle, making it possible to have your music with you in a simple, svelte package. It doesn’t hurt that these have a bold, colorful (or not, if you opt for the black version) design, too.

The headphone cord is only exactly as long as it needs to be, and plugs into the shuffle once it’s in its cradle on the right earphone (you just slide the iPod in). Buttons on your device remain accessible thanks to a cut-out for the circular control panel, and the headband is made of plastic while the inside is lined with silicone for comfort. ODDIO1’s creators, Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall, tout it as the perfect package for those with active lifestyles who don’t want to be encumbered by cables or devices out-of-reach in pockets when snowboarding, using the gym or running, for instance.

ODDIO1 is available for backers beginning at the $35 pledge level, which comes with a choice between three color combos. For $200, you get the special Cupertino color scheme, and an iPod shuffle in a color you pick to boot. ODDIO1 is just getting underway, but it’s making decent progress toward its funding goal of $45,000.

A speaker in disguise

Portable speakers tend to be noticeable things. They can be good-looking or garish, but you’re not likely to miss one in a room. The Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker is comparatively innocuous. It has a twist-and-lift design that lets you control how much volume you hear, and its creators advertise “room filling sound” from your Bluetooth-compatible device. Plus, boasting 30 or more hours of battery life, it won’t quit when you need it most.

The tiny, clean design and alternative connection options (it does have a 3.5 mm stereo jack, too) and more than 80dB of output make this an amazingly appealing device, for sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wherever you happen to need it. Plus, at $119 for a pre-order of one metallic silver unit, or $229 for a pre-order of two in either silver or black, it’s a deal compared to a lot of currently available comparable tech. The Hidden Radio is also already funded; it currently has $229,717 in funding, far above its goal of $125,000, with 42 days remaining.

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