Steve Jobs biography tops Amazon’s Best Sellers list for 2011


Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple (s aapl) co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has risen to the top of Amazon’s (s amzn) list of best-selling books for 2011 (via MacRumors), not even two months after its initial release in late October. The Jobs biography had already reached the No. 2 spot by November.

Steve Jobs sold 383,000 copies in the U.S. during its first week of sales, and it is also one of the fastest-selling nonfiction titles ever in the UK. The title broke records in many international markets, too, including Taiwan, where preorders were higher for it than for any previous book, and in Brazil, where it became the best-selling e-book ever in the country just two weeks after its initial release. Production plans for a movie are already reported as under way, after Sony Pictures(s sne) acquired the rights.

I would wager there are a few records left for the Steve Jobs biography to break yet, since a lot of the holiday shopping season still remains, and interest in the book will likely spike when the paperback version is introduced. Subsequent major Apple product launches could also help renew interest in the company’s original driving creative force, so expect sales to remain strong throughout the new year.


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