Get out your dimes: 10 cent apps hit Android Market


Got an Android(s goog) device and 10 cents in your pocket? That’s the right combination to buy one of 10 Android apps for just a dime over the next 10 days. This offer appears to be a special promotion through Google — which is celebrating 10 billion total Android app downloads — as there’s a specific Android Market web page rounding up 10 mobile app titles each day.

I caught this news earlier today through Android Central and promptly spent $0.30 to nab Minecraft, Asphalt 6 and FieldRunners HD. Other titles available include SoundHound, Endomondo Sports Tracker, and Sketchbook Mobile to name a few.

I highly recommend SwiftKey X at nearly any price; it’s also available for a dime. The third-party keyboard is well designed, has stellar word prediction and gets smarter about the way you type via the cloud. I wouldn’t wait to pick this, or any of the other apps on sale: the Android Market on my smartphone says there will be 10 days of offers, so these titles are likely to change every day.


Richard Garrett

I, too, like SwiftKey X a lot. One thing I’ve not done is allow it access to my GMail in order to improve its predictions (I have allowed it to access to my SMS). I wonder, Kevin, if you have any thoughts on this, re:security particularly in light of the revelations about Carrier IQ?

Kevin C. Tofel

I’m fine with SwiftKey’s privacy policy, which was always made clear here: The situation differs from CIQ (at least in my opinion) because I always knew the privacy policy of SwiftKey and I chose to opt in. But, it’s personal choice for each of us, so I completely understand your decision not to allow Gmail access.

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