Today in Cloud

Networking giant Cisco today announced CloudVerse, a rationalisation of its existing cloud products plus a sprinkling of new pieces to sweeten the pot. As Arik Hesseldahl put it over on All Things D, “Today, Cisco finally laid out a cohesive strategy to become a significant player in the cloud business.” Like many larger players in the enterprise IT space, Cisco has struggled to integrate individually strong acquisitions (and home grown solutions) into something compelling. The whole has, typically, been anything but stronger than the sum of its parts; the exact opposite of what execs usually hope to achieve. Encompassing data center infrastructure, cloud applications, and the “intelligent network,” the new vision is certainly far-reaching, and Cisco has something to offer in each place. The trick will be ensuring that the company continues to offer individual components (network switches, for example, as well as pieces higher up the stack) that other companies are happy to depend upon; other companies that may very well compete with other pieces of the sprawling Cisco portfolio. Larry Dignan notes that, at least for now, some of those competitors appear happy to “adopt the Cisco framework.”