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Android Users Have Now Downloaded 10 Billion Apps

Android app downloads have passed the 10 billion mark, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) said Tuesday in an announcement that shows just how far the operating system has come in a relatively short amount of time. Android is already the world’s most widely-used operating system, and it’s starting to catch to Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) when counting app momentum.

Ten billion of anything is a pretty big number, and Google has managed to hit that milestone in about a year and a half after it first passed the billion-download market. During that 18 months Android use has exploded around the world leading to a huge increase in the number of apps downloaded by Android users: around 4 billion apps were downloaded just between July and December of this year, Google said.

Despite all that momentum, Android remains a secondary priority behind iOS when it comes to third-party application developers, who tend to make more money on iOS apps than Android apps. Apple started first, hitting the 10 billion mark in January of this year, and while Google is coming on strong iOS customers tend to spend more money and time with iOS apps than with Android apps.

As part of the announcement, Google said that 10 applications will cost just 10 cents for the next 10 days, including popular titles like Minecraft and Swiftkey.

3 Responses to “Android Users Have Now Downloaded 10 Billion Apps”

  1. James Taylor

    “Paid Content”…implies that the “authors” are really a paid front used for Android promotion…is this true?
    I’m not a fan of any system, but after reading the content I felt that I couldn’t trust the source. Any comments? 

    • contentnext

      James, you are misunderstanding the name.  It is a bit confusing.  We have the fact that we grew out of our founder’s personal blog to blame for that. covers the digital media business.  In other words we cover the business of how media companies are trying to get PAID for their efforts in the digital world.  Make sense?  We make our own money through ad sales and the production of events for media professionals that we host and organize throughout the year.  The sales aspects of the company do not affect the editorial content at all in the way you are implying.

      And I should add that the author of this article has to deal with angry Android users proclaiming his obvious bias for Apple just as often as the other way around. Sad fact of life as a reporter in this sector.

  2. “Android is already the world’s most widely-used operating system”

    Can you elaborate on that?

    Also still waiting for the first statement by Google on how much has been paid out to developers. Giving away 10 billion things others have made for free, even I could do.