iDAPT i4 review: A unique charger that’s ready for anything

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With more moving to iCloud (s aapl) and a post-PC era, the need to connect iDevices to computers dwindles — except, of course for charging. If your work area is anything like mine, you have an assortment of power bricks and USB cords cluttering things up. While Darrell’s recent look at Innergie’s new Magic Cable Duo is an option, the iDAPT i4 solves the charging dilemma by creating a universal and interchangeable charging station.

The iDAPT 4 uses one power cable to charge up to four devices at once from one power source. What’s unique about this product is its modular design and use of interchangeable tips. You can swap 3 of the charging bays at will. The standard U.S. pack comes with 6 tips: 1 mini USB, 2 micro USB, iPod-iPhone, Samsung 4, and Nokia (s nok)2 (there are different versions of both Samsung and Nokia chargers). You can order a custom pack of tips on their website for over 20 different devices.

You can even order an AA-AAA battery charging tip. This was a killer feature for me, as I’m always needing to swap batteries in my track pad. Along the side of the unit is a USB port to give you a fourth place to charge. Plus, if the ports aren’t charging, they aren’t draining power, making this a much greener solution than keeping a series of power adapters plugged into the wall.

I’ve used the device for a few months now and generally I’m pretty impressed. Some devices like my Bluetooth headsets had a bit of trouble fitting on the unit due to their unique shape, but other devices such as my iPod, MiFi, and external battery packs worked without issue. For devices that didn’t easily fit, I just use the USB port on the side.

The unit comes in a variety of colors (even white for Apple purists) as well as power cables for the U.S., the U.K., the E.U. and Australia. Tips are generally $9.99, and the unit is available from a variety of resellers.

Disclosure: iDAPTt provided a unit for this review and additional tips.

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Bob Stubbs

That looks like a very handy piece of equipment to have. It is always a challenge keeping your things charged, especially when you are traveling.

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