Report: Verizon To Ask Galaxy Nexus Customers For $299

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

There’s little doubt that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, based on the newest version of Android, is the best Android smartphone yet produced. But it is worth $100 more than the iPhone 4S? Verizon intends to see what its customers think about that prospect when it finally launches the device sometime this month according to a report.

Dow Jones reported Monday that the U.S. launch of the Galaxy Nexus (the delay of which has raised many an eyebrow in mobile) will arrive with a $299 price tag, $100 more than the baseline model of Apple’s latest iPhone 4S and in line with other Android phones recently launched on its network. The phone does come with 32GBs of storage, which is the same amount of storage that costs $299 from Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), but it means that Android fans who want a new phone but have to watch their budgets carefully won’t have a cheaper option.

It’s an interesting experiment by Verizon to see if it can get customers to pay a little bit extra for the best-and-brightest Android phones. And if there’s an Android phone that can justify that kind of price, it’s probably the Galaxy Nexus. However, it’s still a little weird that nearly two months after Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and Samsung unveiled the phone at an event in Hong Kong that it has yet to launch in America, several weeks after it launched in the U.K.


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