It’s a 1 million mobile app world

We had mobile apps before the iPhone(s aapl), but the modern mobile app market really began with the App Store in 2008. Three years later, we’re swimming in apps and poised to hit a big milestone: 1 million apps available to users.

Mobilewalla, a mobile analytics firm, said iOS (s aapl), Android (s goog), BlackBerry (s rimm) and Windows Phone 7 (s msft) have collectively hit 991,524 apps available in their stores, with the big milestone set to be reached sometime next week. This is not a complete list, and leaves out Symbian (s nok) apps and older Windows Mobile and Palm software. But it’s still a reminder of just how big this modern market is and how much it’s grown in just a few years. Developers have already built more than 1 million apps on iOS and Android alone, but a good chunk of apps have been pulled over time.

Apple continues to lead the pack with 59.6 percent of the market, with 591,428 apps and Android follows with 321,020 apps or 32.3 percent of the market, according to Mobilewalla. BlackBerry has 43,544 apps, good for 4.4 percent of the total, while Windows Phone 7 had 35,248 apps or 3.5 percent. Apple’s developers are adding about 1,000 new apps a day while Android developers are uploading about 1,400 a day, said Mobilewalla’s founder and executive chairman Anindya Datta.

He said the market for apps has doubled this year, which started out with 484,000 apps. There are 150,000 app developers and companies responsible for the apps on the market now, according to Datta. The top app categories across all platforms are Entertainment (16.68%), Games (13.36%), Lifestyle (8.02%) and Utilities (7.13%).

Again, we had an app market before the iPhone. But it reached more of a niche audience, nothing like the mainstream phenomenon we’re seeing now. Companies are now making huge money in mobile apps including Rovio, which reportedly turned down a $2.25 billion acquisition offer from Zynga. Gartner has said it expects mobile apps to bring in $15 billion in revenue this year, while Juniper Research believes app revenues can hit $32 billion by 2015. It’s a mobile app world and we just live in it.