New Android App Lets Users Buy E-Books From Independent Bookstores

Indiebound Reader

As more independent bookstores partner with Google (NSDQ: GOOG) to sell e-books, the American Booksellers Association is releasing a free app that streamlines the buying and reading process.

The app, called the IndieBound Reader, lets users search for their local independent bookstore that sells Google e-books, log in through their Google account and buy and read books directly from the store. That’s how it works on Android, anyway, which supports in-app purchases.

The app is only available for Android now, but when the iOS version is launched–soon, the ABA says–it won’t include a purchase option, making it of more limited use to iPhone users, who will not be able to purchase from within the app.

About 330 independent bookstores are partnered with Google to sell e-books. here’s the full list. They’ve been promoting these e-books in various ways, and the app gives them another method of spreading the word.


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