One mobile device charger that actually rules them all

I live in a constant nightmare of wrangling cables. So any time someone suggests a solution that might cut down on the number of cables I have to deal with on any given day, my ears perk up. That was the case with Innergie’s new Magic Cable Duo and Trio, announced by the company on Tuesday.

The Magic Cable Duo and Trio are two- and three-headed cables, respectively, that work with any standard USB charging block to provide power to your mobile Apple devices, and plenty more besides. They achieve this by partnering an Apple dock connector with a Micro USB cable tip, in the case of the Duo, and both a Micro and Mini USB connector in the case of the Magic Cable Trio.

Unlike other clumsy solutions I’ve seen, these cable ends aren’t arranged in parallel, sprouting off from a single source in an unwieldy bouquet. Instead, they are arranged in serial, with larger connectors popping down over smaller ones, or pulling up and off yet remaining attached, so they can be easily folded out of the way. It’s a little tricky to explain, but the picture should say it all.

The unique configuration means you won’t have to go hunting through drawers to find the right charger for your Kindle(s amzn), your BlackBerry(s rimm), your iPad, or any conceivable combination of modern mobile devices, really. Considering how fast Micro USB has become a widely accepted standard, you can probably satisfy most of your mobile needs with just the Duo. One Duo and one dual USB charging block should actually cover all of my current mobile device needs, in fact, especially since with 15W output, the USB adapter does full-speed iPad charging.

The Innergie Magic Cable Duo sells in packs with either its 15W dual USB adapter ($39.99), or its 10W car charger ($34.99), or both ($49.99), and the cables sell alone for $24.99 for the Duo and $19.99 for the Trio. Not a bad deal for stocking stuffers, considering how many iPads and iPhones will be under trees this year.