Video: Noel Gallagher On How Technology Is Devaluing The Music Experience


iTunes, Shazam and crowdfunding get a pasting from the former Oasis musician as he promotes his solo album (language not safe for some workplaces)…


Another Fine Day

Noel … if you want to control which 30 sec they play on iTunes, you’ll find it in the software at your ‘aggregator’, when you upload your tune (and metadata) for later release on digital services … and if you want more money from the sale, get a better deal with your label, and it’s not as if you’re not in a position to argue for one.

In other words … get with it. Artists and musicians can now control everything and have direct access to the marketplace under their own terms. Yes, people will probably take a lot of it for free. But it’s a lot better than the old system.

gary dylan

let’s not confuse a rant with reasoned comment, the most you can deduce from this is that he misses going to the record shop to buy LPs and therefore rejects the discovery possibilities of modern technology …

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