GoCharge tops up your phone while you down a drink

Mobile device owners in New York City have a new place to quickly charge their smartphones. Actually, they have 50 new places, thanks to a deal between Patrón Spirits and goCharge, the maker of device-charging kiosks. The deal brings goCharge machines to more than four dozen bars in New York City and an iPhone app to help consumers find the free charging stations.

With battery life so important to mobile device use, I love these types of charging stations. I have seen and used them extensively in airports and other public places as a result. The goCharge system used for the NYC Bar Network supports the charging of 16 devices at the same time and can top off a battery in as little as 10 minutes. That’s just enough time to try a few cheesy pickup lines at the bar and walk away with a full battery.

Aside from the obvious consumer benefit, these charging kiosks offer some advertising and revenue opportunity for storefronts.

Although these particular goCharge machines will offer free charging, retail owners who rent such kiosks can choose for consumers to pay for the charging convenience; goCharge makes stations that support credit card swiping and hard currency. Some of the machines also have displays that can be used for advertising. The kiosks in the Patrón partnership are branded with a Patrón XO Café and Ultimat Vodka motif.