Where to watch the U.N. Climate Change Conference live online

The world has come together in Durban, South Africa, to once again talk about climate change. Will there be another Kyoto-like treaty? Will the U.S. be on board this time around? And what about China? Those are only some of the questions that will be decided over the next couple of days, and you can watch most of it unfold in real time, thanks to multiple live streams hosted by the U.N.

The main Conference of the parties, which includes all the parties that have signed on to the Kyoto protocol, is scheduled to last from Nov. 28 to Dec. 9. It will be live streamed with two feeds, with one picking up the floor audio, and another one providing English simulcast translations. There are also live streams from press conferences and other proceedings like the first meeting of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice, and all the daily live streams will be listed on this page. A detailed schedule for all meetings can be found here.

Two more things are worth noting: Durban is in the GMT +2 time zone, which means meetings that start at 10 a.m. local time can be watched at midnight PST and 3 a.m. EST. Also, the U.N. is using Microsoft’s Silverlight (s msft) for live streaming, so you might want to update / download Silverlight before tuning in.

Image courtesy of Flickr user UNclimatechange.