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The Morning Lowdown 11-28-11

»  AT&T (NYSE: T) is running for cover as its T-Mobile merger dreams fade away (paidContent)

»  Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle sales vaulted four times higher than last Black Friday in a robust few days of shopping online and via mobile (paidContent)

»  Zynga’s growth prospects are clouded as more people decide they have better things to do than buy virtual pigs (Bloomberg)

»  The strange saga of virtual currency Bitcoin is ending with a whimper not a bang (Wired)

»  PayPal says mobile payments were up 500 Percent on Thanksgiving (TechCrunch)

»  A new EU privacy directive could outlaw Facebook’s current advertising practices (The Telegraph)

»  The Economist is flying high online with soaring mobile demand and higher operating profits (paidContent)