DailyCandy Looks To Closer Ties Between E-Commerce And Ad Sales

With last week’s hiring of Gilt City’s Fernando Romero, as VP of ad sales of women’s lifestyle guide DailyCandy, the company has decided that its e-commerce and advertising operations need to be more seamless. “The digital media landscape has changed and commerce is the new marketing,” says Scott Schiller, EVP of NBCUniversal’s Digital Advertising Sales. “In terms of how that pertains to DailyCandy, the idea involves putting all its digital assets together and have them managed by the same group.”

Romero will be charged with figuring out the connection between affiliate partnerships and advertising across DailyCandy as well as its divisional parent, NBCU’s Entertainment and Digital Networks and Integrated Media unit, which includes iVillage,Fandango and Television Without Pity, as well as the group’s online TV platforms. He reports to Schiller and Beth Ellard, EVP & General Manager of DailyCandy.

DailyCandy, which just passed 11 years of operations, has found itself increasingly challenged by the likes of Gilt Groupe as a showcase for women’s shopping interests. Last month, NBCU (NSDQ: CMCSA) shopping guide network The Feast was folded into DailyCandy as a way of consolidating women’s content at the local level within the e-newsletter and guide’s existing network. And last spring, DailyCandy unveiled The Roundup, the latest offering meant to help position it in the current “quick click deals” landscape.

By bringing in Romero as the new model ad salesperson, the feeling is that digital media sellers need to have experience both in e-commerce as well as traditional publishing. For example, before Gilt City, Romero was national sales director for Time (NYSE: TWX) Inc.’s InStyle.com. “There’s more to just selling ads these days,” Schiller says. “You have to be able to match marketers to events as well as finding the right placement for an ad. Ultimately, it requires an understanding of environments. For DailyCandy, it cuts across standalone events, deals, social, video. It’s important to have someone who can navigate those areas equally well and respond to what the market wants from each segment.”