What are you watching on Kindle Fire?


Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, widely viewed as the only real challenger to Apple’s iPad is out in the wild. Some folks love it. Some hate it. But it goes without saying most are curious about it. Anyway for those who got the device have been putting it through the paces. Online video hosting platform company, Ooyala processes more than 1 billion analytics pings per day, reflecting the viewing behavior of over 100 million global unique users. It has used that data to put together this infographic to showcase what Kindle Fire owners are watching.


Adam Gering

Watching absolutely nothing on my Kindle Fire.

Error: Retry -or- Cancel

Won’t play Amazon Instant, won’t tell you why. 95% sure it’s because they are blocking IP addresses outside the United States.

Kindle Fire as a travel device for airports and international hotels? #EPICFAIL

They have a serious identity crisis if they are pushing the Kindle as a device to use on travel/vacations.

Love my other 5 E-Ink Kindles. Kindle Fire— getting really bored with Angry Birds.

Vladimir Rodionov

Netflix and Hulu are generally not available outside US. I think the same is true for Amazon Instant. It has nothing to do with Kindle Fire.

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