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China's Low-Cost, High-Powered Xiaomi Android Phone Proving Popular

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We’ve been interested in Xiaomi’ss low-cost high-power M1 smartphone since the first time we saw it, and we’re not the only ones.

The company sold 300,000 preorders in less than two days, and since then customers’ biggest complaints seem to be that those preorder units are shipping slowly and that people who didn’t preorder can’t get their hands on the phone.

Well, no longer! In accordance with their original shipping plan, the company is ramping up the shipment of units over the next month from 5,000 units per day (right now) to 15,000 units per day starting December 5. Those go to people who preordered the phone, of course, but on December 18, the company will begin regular sales of the phone via its website. That means people without preorder numbers will finally be able to order the phone.

That’s good news for Xiaomi fans, and here’s the better news: orders placed on the site starting on December 18 will be shipping either the same day they’re placed, or the day after the order is placed, according to Xiaomi President and co-founder Bin Lin.

Mr. Lin gave us a great demo of the phone last month, so if the thought of being able to buy a powerful smartphone with some cool China-specific features for a pretty low price (1,999 RMB, i.e. $310) appeals to you, you might want to learn a bit more about the M1:

» This article originally appeared on Penn Olson, Asia Tech News For The World, and is reproduced here with permission.

This article originally appeared in Penn Olson.