TuneUp could improve your iTunes Match experience


An app that just arrived on the Mac App Store (s aapl) on Thursday could help improve your initial iTunes Match experience, thanks to a host of features it includes for cleaning up your iTunes library. A clean collection with plenty of accurate metadata is probably easier for Apple’s Match servers to handle.

TuneUp is actually a suite of tools, including Clean, Cover Art, DeDuper and Tuniverse. The first three will be of particular interest to people with huge, unwieldy iTunes libraries dreading the iTunes Match scan and upload process. Here’s a quick look at what they do:

  • Clean. Fixes mislabeled tracks and fills in missing song info, using “acoustic fingerprint technology” that actually uses the track itself as the basis for filling in track information, which it retrieves from the same Gracenote MusicID database that iTunes itself uses when you rip tracks into iTunes from CDs.
  • Cover Art. Scans your library and finds all cover art, including multiple choices for each, in a convenient tool that lets you approve each selection individually or save them all at once. Great if you’ve got a lot of obscure music that isn’t available on Apple’s own iTunes Store, and want to have cover art show up in iTunes Match uploaded tracks.
  • DeDuper. If you own a lot of “Best Of” albums or compilations, or you’ve had a bad transfer of an existing library from one Mac to another, you may have a lot of duplicate tracks. This third tool included in TuneUp Goes through and finds duplicates, then presents you with a convenient list of potential duplicates so that you can review each and make sure a rare live bootleg isn’t deleted by accident. Also, TuneUp’s DeDuper uses “acoustic fingerprinting,” just like the Clean feature, so it goes deeper than just surface information like track and artist name.

The final component of TuneUp, called Tuniverse, is an intelligent sidebar that displays upcoming concert information, bios, tweets, YouTube (s GOOG) videos and other content related to the artist you’re currently listening to, as well as providing sharing options for Facebook.

TuneUp has been around for a while, but it has celebrated its Mac App Store availability with a sale of 20 percent off the regular sticker price for a lifetime subscription. That makes the whole bundle just $39.99 for a version you can install on multiple Macs, instead of the standard price of $49.95 for a one-computer license. Plus, it’s a timely arrival for a tool that could clear up some confusion as you move your library to the cloud.



I bought the gold license ‘for life’ and was able to ‘improve’ the meta data from 45% to just below 60%
Not much use if you’re not into the britneys etc..
Tuniverse ( for me) is more a nuisance than helpful.
At least being in the AppStore will end the dramatic license control


Turning on airplay through the built in music app, then playing songs on Google Music through Safari will stream the music to Apple TV. I just did it.

Obvious idiot

Just wait until the day Apple gives your names and file list info (names, hash files, digital fingerprints, etc) up to the record companies (don’t think they won’t force it in a court of law?)…. Think about it; absolute evidence tied absolutely to your name… Some poor lady loses her house now because her 13 year old downloaded 1,300 songs; just think when they come for you with better proof on 25,000 songs… Mark my words you will regret the day you ever uploaded illegal songs to iTunes match….

Gabriel Adiv

Gabe Adiv here, CEO of TuneUp. Thanks to GigaOm for the write-up. We had a few server issues this morning due to the influx of new traffic, but all is fixed now.

@JJ – This is likely what caused the hangs.

Feel free to write me directly with any issues you have and I will make sure they get addressed quickly. gabeATtuneupmediaDOTcom

Adam Jackson

It’s okay. It does more harm than good on obscure tracks. I own it and used it right before the upgrade, still 30% of my songs couldn’t be matched.


I don’t know if you’ve ever used it, but the free trial I downloaded from their site (just yesterday) constantly hung while going through my songs to clean metadata. About every five minutes it would take over 100% of the CPU and start my fans blowing hard. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM and 10.7.2. I gave up after five force-quits.

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