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11% Of Magazine Exposures Are Digital-Only, Survey Shows

Eleven percent of U.S. adults’ exposures to magazines are exclusively via digital platforms, new data from GfK MRI says. But with newsstands available on more devices, that number should increase.

Between March and October 2011, GfK MRI estimates that the total U.S. gross magazine audience (the number of consumer exposures to magazine-branded content on any platform, including print) was 1.58 billion. Of those, 135 million exposures were print + digital, and 166 million were digital-only. That digital-only group is made primarily of men (63 percent), and they’re more likely to be young, affluent and well-educated. The sample size for this survey was 12,546 people, and GfK MRI extrapolates its results to the entire U.S. adult population.

Digital magazine reading is likely to increase as digital newsstands become available on more devices. The Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) Newsstand, launched in October, has brought some magazine publishers a significant number of new readers. Conde Nast, for example, reported subscription sales across nine titles up 268 percent in the two weeks following the Newsstand’s launch. Kindle Fire has its own newsstand, now with all the major magazine publishers on board (Time Inc. (NYSE: TWX) was the last to jump on). And Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) sees the Nook Newsstand as one of its fastest-growing areas of digital content.

Correction: An earlier version of this piece referred to magazine readers, not exposures.