The real costs of cybercrime

Infographic updated: IT services company Unisys recently released its biannual Unisys Security Index, which tracks perceptions about Internet security across a variety of topics that affect both enterprise IT and consumers. Not surprisingly, the latest study, which surveyed more than 11,000 people across 12 countries, found that many have already been victims of cybercrime, are worried it will happen again and — in some areas — are willing to undertake or support some rather extreme efforts to stop the problem.

However, as the infographic below illustrates, it doesn’t matter whose data is targeted in cyberattacks for the companies left trying resolve events: They are going to pay a lot of money for damage control and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. That makes you wonder who has more to lose from cybercrime, consumers or the companies charged with protecting their data and helping mitigate consumer losses.