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Gmail returns to the App Store, now with fewer bugs

Google (s goog) has re-introduced its native iOS Gmail app to the App Store, with a new version number and instructions to delete the old version if you managed to grab it before it was pulled prior to installing this one. Google originally pulled the plug on the app quickly, admitting it wasn’t ready for prime time.

Based on my quick tests, the app as it stands now is pretty much the same one Kevin took a look at following its first retracted release. This time around, however, you aren’t greeted with a bug notification immediately upon launch, and push notifications appear to be working, although oddly, there’s no way to turn Banner notifications on in iOS 5(s aapl), so the phone just vibrates and displays nothing when a new email comes in.

Be sure to check out Kevin’s post for a more detailed look at how the Gmail app works. Suffice it say, it’s pretty much like the Android version in a lot of ways, and seems like it could be an HTML5 app in a native iOS wrapper. I’ll stick with Gmail set up as an Exchange account in the native iOS Mail app, but Google’s free native app may be more your speed if you miss things like Priority Inbox icons and labels.

3 Responses to “Gmail returns to the App Store, now with fewer bugs”

  1. Blake Helms

    My only complaint with Gmail Exchange is that everytime you delete a message it Archives it instead so every night I have to go home and redelete all my unwanted messages