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Get Satisfaction goes mobile with HTML5-based web app

Get Satisfaction, the company that makes online customer support tools, has finally gone mobile. On Wednesday, the company announced the public beta launch of its first customer-facing mobile web app.

Get Satisfaction’s software powers the online customer feedback operations for companies including Nike, (s nke) Procter & Gamble (s pg) and Microsoft (s MSFT).

The company’s new app is built with HTML5 and runs in mobile web browsers, meaning customers won’t have to download anything from an app store to access it. “When a user tries to visit [an online feedback] community from a supported mobile device, we automatically redirect them to the mobile version of [the] community,” Get Satisfaction said in a blog post announcing the new app. At launch, the app will only redirect customers accessing Get Satisfaction communities from an iPhone or iPod Touch(s AAPL); the company says an Android-optimized (s GOOG) version of the app is on the way.

Get Satisfaction for Mobile comes as the company is fielding more mobile demand than ever. The number of mobile visitors to Get Satisfaction communities has more than quadrupled over the past year.

Going the HTML5-based web app route, rather than making native apps for specific devices, is a smart move for a company like Get Satisfaction, which is used by a diverse user base. Online document sharing website SlideShare rebuilt its site in HTML5 for a similar reason earlier this fall. One thing is for sure: The HTML5 boom in general is showing no signs of slowing down.

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