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Infographic: People really hate video buffering

Want people to watch your videos all the way to your end? Then let’s hope they don’t experience any buffering. The average viewing time of a long-form video without buffering is 25.4 minutes, according to new data from video optimization specialist Conviva. Videos that stall, on the other hand, are only watched 12.2 minutes on average.

Check out the infographic below for some more details around buffering:

Of course, it’s noteworthy that Conviva sells solutions to prevent buffering, so it has a vested interest in sharing this information. Conviva optimizes a billion video streams per month, it claims, and 56 percent of those streams get switched to a new bitrate mid-stream to prevent any unwelcome interruptions.

4 Responses to “Infographic: People really hate video buffering”

  1. Common sense would have told me the same thing that this research and infographic states: if a user experiences buffering they are less likely to come back. If you are in the business of providing video content, make sure you don’t buffer and the only reason users return will be the quality of the content.

    Infographics are pretty, but they are getting over used and now many of them just are superficial pictures.