Unboxing: Amazon Kindle Fire


The highly anticipated Amazon Kindle Fire (s AMZN) arrived in our offices on Monday. It’s Amazon’s first foray into tablets, after proving it knows a thing or two about what customers want when it comes to e-book readers. The Kindle Fire costs $199 and is available for ordering now, with shipments scheduled to start arriving on customers’ doorsteps on Tuesday.

We’re still getting to know this new Android-based 7-inch tablet, but we have cracked it open and taken it for a spin. Here’s our first look at the device, right out of the box.

Be sure to check back here for Kevin Tofel’s ideas on the device once he has a chance to take an in-depth look at it. For more on the Kindle Fire now, see what the web is saying about it and how Kevin weighed his options between the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire.



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She’s definitely unskilled in public speaking.

Kindle Mad

The new nook app for Kindle is brilliant – you can get all the Android apps for free now! We got the nook app download instructions from http://www.kindlemad.com through google.

I love my new Kindle!

Manjeet Kohli

Obviously, It is smaller. I’d be interested in Silk’s performance. Thanks

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