Today in Connected Consumer

In response to a question at last week’s Streaming Media West conference, Google’s business lead for its Google TV platform, Shanna Prevé, predicted that Logitech would push out the keenly awaited GTV 2.0 update for its Revue set-top box “within the next few weeks.” She may have to wait a bit longer. The day after Prevé demo’ed the new version of the platform, Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca announced that no update would be coming. According to De Luca, bet too heavily on the first generation of Google TV, which ended up costing his company $100 million. While De Luca predicted that Google TV — or something like it — would eventually succeed, for now, Logitech needed time to lick its wounds. The timing couldn’t be worse for Google, however, which was hoping to make a splash by announcing new hardware partners for the platform, only to see its messaging get stepped on by an old one.