Unlocked iPhone 4S now on sale in the U.S. online Apple Store


Apple (s aapl) is selling the iPhone 4S unlocked through its U.S. online store as of Friday. The contract-free devices were promised by Apple for November availability back when the iPhone 4S originally launched. They are available for order now, with expected ship times of 1–2 weeks.

The unlocked iPhone 4S only works with GSM carriers, so it won’t be compatible with the CDMA-based networks of Verizon (s vz) or Sprint (s s) in the U.S. All sizes and colors are available, with the 16 GB version priced at $649, the 32 GB for $749 and the 64 GB for $849.

Apple’s factory-unlocked devices can be used with any GSM provider worldwide, provided you have the necessary micro SIM. They also have the advantage of coming without any contract commitment, and they can be more easily resold on the international market.

Apple’s retail stores have been selling unlocked phones since the launch of the 4S in the U.S. back in October, according to customer reports, but now buyers can get them officially via online ordering instead of just chancing it at Apple’s brick-and-mortar sales locations. The 4S has been available unlocked directly from Apple since day one in many international markets.

Anyone planning on picking up an unlocked device direct from Apple? What are your reasons for doing so?



I am planning to get one. In fact, I already ordered it from the web site, as the retail store in Atlanta said it was not available there as yet. An inconvenient truth, I suppose, as there are numerous reports of customers purchasing the unlocked GSM models from NYC-area Apple stores.

My reasons for purchasing this iPhone are all about the cost – amortized. My $99 all-you-can eat rate plan on T-Mobile is hard to come by today. (Yes, I know that the phone is not compatible with T-Mobile’s AWS spectrum for 4G/HSPA). Besides, Edge is adequate, and wi-fi is ubiquitous where I live, work, and socialize. So, I according to my calculations, by paying up front for the phone (and forgoing AT&T), I am saving over $606 over 2 years!

Thomas Wojewoda

“Apple’s retail stores have been selling unlocked phones since the launch of the 4S in the U.S. back in October” – NOT TRUE. Walked into 4 Chicago area stores and was told there is not such possibility and I should observe the website for more details.


i m also interested in knowing its availability right at the retail store
do give us an insight

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