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Top 5: the MacBook Air, OpenFlow, and a field guide to cloud computing

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The future of notebooks: Following in the footsteps of the MacBook Air

This week, Erica Ogg, one of GigaOM’s resident Apple experts, considers how the design of the MacBook Air is influencing competitors as the market hurtles towards thinner, lighter, faster and cheaper laptops. Companies like Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba have all announced (or already released) their own iterations of the “ultrabook,” designed much like the Air and targeting lower price points (with disappointing sales to date). Ogg also reviews the industry-wide impact of Apple’s influential design department in setting the new standard (form factor, user experience) for the future of laptop design, how Apple might push the future of laptop design even further and how other companies might still be able to remain competitive in the laptop space.

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More hot topics on GigaOM Pro:

Siri: say hello to the coming “invisible interface”: Kevin Tofel’s review of the limitations and use cases for Siri made it back to the top of our popular content during the leadup to this week’s GigaOM RoadMap conference, which looked at the future of connectivity.

OpenFlow and beyond: future opportunities in networking: Stacey Higginbotham’s article on the future of networks highlights the OpenFlow protocol, which has the potential to disrupt data center design and the use of networks in business, retail and beyond.

A field guide to cloud computing: current trends, future opportunities: Derrick Harris’s comprehensive overview of cloud computing is also popular again. Be sure to check back in the coming months for an update on the overall cloud market and what to expect in 2012.

Why TV ads are making their way over the top: Paul Sweeting looks at the future of interactive television ads, especially in light of Adobe’s acquisition of Auditude, an online video ad management company.