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U.K. survey finds many iPads getting limited use

An interesting new survey out of the U.K. finds that a significant number of iPads (s aapl) may not be getting as much use as you might expect. How often do you use your iPad? According to the new survey, it’s possible more than a quarter of you answered once a week or less.

According to a survey of more than 1,500 British iPad owners conducted by discount site (via Cnet UK), (s cbs) 26 percent of respondents used their iPads once a week or less. One in 10 even said they use it rarely.

In fact, only 42 percent of iPad owners say they use their iPad every day, according to the survey. My own usage makes me feel like a crazy person by comparison, since I doubt barely an hour goes by where I don’t at least pick the thing up and unlock it just to check my notification history.

The problem for around half of those who said they weren’t using their iPads more than once a week is connectivity; they say they don’t own a 3G model and therefore can’t as easily access the web and use apps that require data connections while on the go. That’s actually good news for Apple; it suggests the company should be able to upsell at least some iPad buyers on mobile network-capable devices next time they upgrade.

But the answer of others, who claim that they don’t use it that often because they can’t think of what to do with it, is more troubling. Basically, it means Apple and app developers still have some work to do in terms of promoting every day use cases for the iPad and its software.

Of survey¬†respondents, 14 percent said they’d received their iPad as a gift, and as a result never really felt a need for one to begin with. That, and the tablet’s unique and transitional place in the overall computing landscape (it is still a relative newcomer compared to notebooks and desktops, after all) could account for a lot of the¬†perceived¬†indifference among surveyed owners.

What do you think? Is this in keeping with what you’re seeing about iPad usage, or just a freak result?

7 Responses to “U.K. survey finds many iPads getting limited use”

  1. This is actually in line with what I keep hearing: Ipad users simply don’t know what to do with them. Evidently, Apple needs to target current owners with ads like “here is how to set up your gmail account” and “look! Facebook!”. Personally, I use mine for all of my web browsing, movie watching, reading, note taking, homework doing and gaming. My friends tell me I’m unique in that regard, since every other ipad they know of is gathering dust. Stupid rich people.

  2. chano
    It is pointless to report this. Many iPad owners have other computers and are used to using them for specific things. As the number of buyers for whom an iPad is their only computer increases, these stats will be shown to premature and useless.

  3. I agree completely with Dave the iPad is not a device to browse the web with it is much to slow and all that HTML stuff just takes ages to download. I think a new way of building the web to be used on tablets needs to be found and I don’t think HTML5 is it.
    As apps get better and start to become relevant more uses will be found.

  4. i totally agree with the article. connectivity is 100% an issue when it comes to use. i bought a 32gb ipad2 ready for it to help with class notes then have fun at home. i find myself barely using it, i have great wi-fi at school but none at my apartment. i use it sometimes at school for the internet and facebook when i dont have my 13″ mbp with me. at my apartment, i use my iphone and my ipad sits in my backpack. well see how i feel in two months when i go on vacation and use it on the plane and cruise, but until then, i consider it a waste.

  5. I think part of the iPad’s problem is web pages, I like the iPad and use it every day but I often find myself finding websites i want to look at that just dont work well on the iPad then going on my computer to look at them. I’m not saying the iPad should have flash, I’m all for HTML5 but more websites need to use it!

    The other problem is some apps dont work great with multitasking, mainly ones for msn and other social network IM’s I often find it doesnt always refresh properly when going back to the app to check messages and often crashes and you loose the messages you received while doing something else.

    The introduction of iCloud though is great, Apple have finally got it right with syncing music,apps and photo’s. Not having to plug it in to sync or back it up is great!