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First look: Spotify is coming to Roku

Roku users will soon be able to access their Spotify playlists on the device: A dedicated Spotify channel for Roku is apparently close to being launched, I’ve been told by a source familiar with both companies’ plans.

The launch could happen as soon as next month, with mid-January 2012 being mentioned as another possibility. I’ve heard that the channel is basically ready to go, with the only hold-up being contractual negotiations between Roku and Spotify.

One should note that I haven’t been able to confirm these plans with either company. Spotify didn’t reply in time when asked about the app, and a Roku spokesperson told me that the company doesn’t comment on “rumors and potential partners.”

However, I do have two early-development screen shots of Spotify on Roku’s user interface:

Spotify has been working on bringing its platform into the living room and recently rolled out an app for the WD TV(s WDC) platform as well as Boxee’s. There has been a lot of demand for bringing Spotify to Roku as well, which means that a Spotify channel on the device could make many Roku owners very happy.

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