Netflix ready to launch Wii kids UI — in Latin America

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Netflix’s (s NFLX) Wii application will soon feature a dedicated UI that will make it easier to find and play kid-friendly content. The company launched a “just for kids” tab on its website earlier this year, using popular characters as key elements for video discovery. The same approach is now also being made available on the Wii. A Netflix spokesperson told me that a launch of the kids’ UI on Nintendo’s (s NTDOY) game console is “imminent,” with one major caveat: The feature will for now only be available to subscribers in South America.

Here’s a small preview of the kids-specific UI as it will be rolled out to subscribers in Mexico, Brazil and other countries in South America and the Caribbean:

A similar UI will be made available to PS3 users soon after, but this rollout is again limited to subscribers in South America for now. We first reported in July that Netflix was working on a kids-centric UI, and the company rolled it out to all of its users a month later.

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