Google kills Gmail app for BlackBerry


I understand BlackBerry(s rimm) is not a top priority for Google(s goog) or one of the other major software vendors, but to kill off a decent app that many of us BlackBerry owners used is just wrong.

Beginning November 22, 2011, we will end support for the Gmail App for BlackBerry (installed native app). Over this past year, we’ve focused efforts on building a great Gmail experience in the mobile browser and will continue investing in this area. Users may continue to use the app, if installed, however it will not be supported by Google, or available for download starting November 22.

I am guessing they want us to use the “exchange” equivalent for logging into Google Mail for Business, but for me, it was a great way to use personal Gmail account in an easy and efficient manner. Others too are lamenting Google’s move.




Just read article on link:-

Seriously disappointed in Google for doing this – petty move – looks like they are joining the ‘hell bent on sinking blackberry’ club. I am still a blackberry user and will be for a considerable time, and to be honest, I dont need a zillion apps, I am a beautiful, interesting and intelligent woman and I do still have an actual life away from my mobile device!! I just need a few useful, RELIABLE apps to get me through my day and organise my life. So far, blackberry has been more than adequate for this purpose, but granted, there are a few nifty android apps out there that I would love to have on my blackberry and wish that RIM has the savvy to actually put android on their devices!!!. But I’m starting to think there is some behind the scene world undercurrent in the media orchestrated by someone / a specific group with clout and influence with the press = hell bent and resolved on destroying blackberry for what personal gain yet to be seen, maybe to force a sale of blackberry or get them out of the competition??? I’ve always been a big fan of Google and all their products, maps, gmail, search engine etc, but maybe this downright nastiness is a wake up call to explore other options.

Jonathan R Young

Frankly I prefer the BIS/BES mail push (from my google account) anyway, rather than have another background app running. And the future of apps is HTML5 anyway

Johnny L

The app will still work, except no longer supported by Google. So as long as RIM doesn’t do something at the OS level, it should theoretically continue to work. Not that it’s a great solution for RIM users, but I guess this is another one of Google’s recent spate of product casualties.

Jamie Holly

GMail does offer pop/smtp access, so you can still use the native email app in Blackberry to access your gmail. As matter of fact that’s exactly what I did when I owned a Blackberry.


Unless your corporate BB administrator disables that function (as in my company).


Accessing Gmail through the browser on my Bold2 is a horrific experience, even with a strong 3G signal. The native app wasn’t great (no rich text, pictures, links, etc.) but I was holding out hope that a better version would eventually come along. Guess not.


Google only just recently released(then pulled) a Gmail app for iPhone. I’ve used Gmail on my phone since 2008 since I got an iPhone, so really what’s the story here?

The reality is Google has no vested interest in the Blackberry succeeding. Android needs iOS for the sake of competition, but really the BB is dying and spending resources supporting it will make less and less sense to companies going forward.


It will free up engineers. And it will give Google plausible deniability when they diminish support for Windows Phone.

Avneesh Ãœbermensch Balyan

Wow…. Call it innovative thinking… I am up for office phone upgrade. I was confused between iPhone and BB… Now the decision making is getting easier with each move by BB….

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