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AnyClip ramps up monetization, snags another studio deal

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AnyClip is adding another Hollywood studio to its list of content partners Wednesday, with the announcement that clips from Warner Bros. films will now be available to view for free on its site. In addition to bringing a lot more content to its library, AnyClip is also bolstering the monetization opportunities from those clips, by enabling viewers to purchase full-length films directly through its proprietary video player.

The Warner Bros. deal will bring a wide range of new films to the AnyClip library, including franchises like Harry Potter and Batman series, popular titles like Ocean’s Eleven and Se7en, as well as older films like The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca. AnyClip has existing relationships with Universal Pictures, (s CMCSA) Vivendi Entertainment and indie distributors First Look and Virgil Films, bringing its total library to more than 12,000 movies and more than 50,000 tagged clips from those films.

AnyClip has also boosted revenue opportunities for itself and for its content partners with a wide range of new monetization tools. While it has historically been focused on running advertising against clips, it can now provide monetization via electronic sell through or video-on-demand models through services like Amazon Instant Videos (s AMZN) or Netflix. (s NFLX) It also boosts potential viewership through social sharing tools that let viewers shorten videos and send clips to Facebook and Twitter.

Once it’s licensed a piece of content, the startup provides a platform for splitting movies into individual clips and adding advanced metadata to them. Each film is tagged and has its metadata stored in AnyClip’s database, which can help to improve search and recommendations for steering users to other clips they might be interested in. In addition to serving up clips on its own site, AnyClip also provides video clips to third party websites in its own player. That enables content owners to take advantage of the same monetization tools wherever clips appear.

For AnyClip, the addition of more content and monetization tools is a sign that it is on the right track after co-founders Aaron Cohen and Nate Westheimer left the company about a year ago. Its nearest competitor is, which recently struck a deal with YouTube (s GOOG) to bring its short movie clips to YouTube rental preview pages.