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Tesla’s Model S Beta to be shown off at RoadMap this week

Customer rides of the Model S Beta

One of the hottest electric vehicles, Tesla’s second car the Model S, won’t be available until 2012, but you’ll have a chance to check out the Beta version of the Model S at GigaOM’s RoadMap event this Thursday, November 10th, in San Francisco — that’s over a half year before its available to the public. Our RoadMap conference will delve into how connectivity is changing everything, from media to homes to cars, and will feature speakers like Sequoia’s Michael Moritz, Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, Square’s Jack Dorsey, CBS Interactive Jim Lanzone, and Nest Lab’s Tony Fadell.

Tesla unveiled three Model S Beta cars to the public just last month (beta cars are the version of the car right before it goes into production). RoadMap is one of the first places you’ll be able to check out the Model S Beta after their public debut. Tesla plans to start delivering its first Model S cars to customers no later than July 2012, and the cars are sold out throughout 2012.

RoadMap will touch on how connectivity is changing transportation, and how we use our cars, as well as how connectivity will change how we use energy in our homes. iPod architect Tony Fadell will also talk about how his new learning thermostat will be able to cut home energy use by 20 to 30 percent — the Nest thermostat is also sold-out until 2012.

I’m very excited to be speaking at RoadMap this Thursday — I’ll be interviewing Airbnb’s Chesky! Come join us.

4 Responses to “Tesla’s Model S Beta to be shown off at RoadMap this week”

    • Daniel Windham

      Rich- Tesla is making all of it. One of the only major outside parts is the insides of the battery are by an electronics company, but I think that even that is assembled and put together at the Tesla factory. They bought large hydraulic metal press machines for a fraction of normal price from the big car companies struggling right now so that they could make the frame and body in-house as well. All American-made!!

  1. Robert Muir

    You can still buy a Model S for delivery late Summer of next year by forking over $40,000 to reserve a “Signature Edition” that is expected to have a price of around $90,000. They still have a couple hundred Signatures available.