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GigaOM Interview: Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop

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Since taking over the reigns as Nokia’s(s nok) CEO in Sept. 2010, Stephen Elop has done what was considered unthinkable: Abandon Nokia’s Symbian platform in favor of Microsoft’s(s msft) Windows phone software. Nokia’s smartphone sales have slumped in relation to its peers since then, but the first fruits of Nokia’s new strategy are here in the Lumia 710 and 800 smartphones. These are just the start, according to Elop, with whom I recently met in New York City.

Here’s what Elop had to say about the company’s new phone strategy in addition to the decision to partner with Microsoft instead of Google(s goog), how U.S. carrier negotiations are proceeding and what plans Nokia may have in the fast growing tablet space.

14 Responses to “GigaOM Interview: Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop”

  1. Jeremy Gillespie

    The other intersting thing is the current market share of wp7, nokia are putting a lot of eggs in a basket which is not doing so great so far… When google brought out the G1 people queued up for it overnight, same as the apple device – I dont think too many people got in line for wp7 and mango has had quite a bit of blogger notice but noone really talking about it outside of that. I have a single coworker with a wp7 and as yet he has not even bothered to update his phone…

  2. Jeremy Gillespie

    The 800 is a refinement of the N9?? Less memory, smaller screen, more buttons and a lesser OS, how does that constitute a refinement? The only issue with the N9 “industrial design” is the USB cover which is far too weak in my opinion, did they fix this on the 800?

    Such a shame, I love my N9 it truely is a great device and thats not just the industrial design, the OS is amazing… Also Ecosystem = QT, there was a community already and Symbian developers were headed to QT for a while so if Nokia had pushed this more the N9 would have been off to a good running start… (If nokia themselves could not be bothered to switch core apps to QT for the N900 then its their own fault – talking about nokia maps here as this is still a native app in symbian!)

    Also differentiation, how??? XDA has already stripped out all the applications from the 800 and made them available to everyone who has unlocked their phone with chevron…

    I will be curious to see how the current new wp7 phones do in the US market on the run up to christmas – the titan for example. It has a bigger screen and looks good as well.

  3. Micheál

    I don’t think there’s a CEO who has taken more stick over the past 12 months. I’ve been a Symbian fan for some time, and I’m sorry it’s going to be leaving us, but I have to say I’m impressed by Elop. He has given Nokia a direction that has been lacking for years and is always willing to engage with bloggers and the tech media. He may not have fully answered everything, but I thought this was another excellent interview from him.

    As regards the setup of the interview, it didn’t detract much for me, and I thought the flow of it was great and the questions insightful. Good job.

    • Glad you enjoyed the interview. I agree: Elop is very engaging and makes himself available. He has to ride a fine line with his answers, as any CEO does, so he can’t really tip his hand too much in regards to some questions. He came in to do a difficult job and so far, he’s executed on what he said he would so. Thx!

  4. Seems like he dodged most of the big questions….
    i didnt hear what would be the future of meego/maemo
    and also he didnt answer if nokia will ever want to own the entire ecosystem again

  5. anonymous

    Agree. Elop is a major player in the industry. Coming out of Nokia world this interview ought to have been conducted in a more professional setting. The video mechanics simply do not do justice. I am very surprised he even agreed to this setup. Any other company would have been in more control.