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AT&T launches VoIP app for international calls

AT&T (s t) is launching a new mobile app that allows its smartphone customers to make international calls via VoIP. The new AT&T Call International will allow customers to make calls overseas at cheap rates like 4 cents per minute to China, Germany, France and the UK and 9 cents per minute to India.

The app was developed with communications and VoIP provider 8×8 (s eght) and will work on Android (s goog), iPhone (s aapl) and BlackBerry (s rimm) devices, although many Android and BlackBerry models are not supported. You can check what devices work with the app here.

The new app will allow users traveling overseas to also take advantage of these rates when calling over Wi-Fi on Android (s goog) and iPhone handsets. Once users establish an account, they can make phone calls right from their address book, with calls billed to their credit card. They will be able to manage their bill online.

It’s an interesting move for AT&T in that allows it to offer international calling to a wide range of users via VoIP. It shows that even the big boys can get into the VoIP market and offer cheap mobile calls overseas. But it also makes you wonder why AT&T couldn’t make this phone on its own.

7 Responses to “AT&T launches VoIP app for international calls”

  1. There is nothing cheap about these rates, and I doubt this will get any traction. It looks like they just took Skype’s rack rates and stuck them on their on VOIP app. This is a volume business and the only way to get that volume is to price competitively. Welcome to 2005 AT&T, you are only 6 years behind.

  2. I am not sure why this app makes sense. Anyone who is prepeared to download an app probably already has skype, google voice etc at lower rates. Granted these are typically pre-paid apps vs pay as you go but dont think this would cause folks to switch.