Apple Store 2.0 brings Personal Pickup and EasyPay


The rumored update to the Apple Store app for iPhone, (s aapl) which we noted last week could revolutionize retail, has arrived, albeit a bit later than expected. Apple Store 2.0 brings many improvements, the most noteworthy among them being Personal Pickup and EasyPay services.

As reported, the app now allows you to purchase items directly for in-store pickup, available within an hour if it’s in stock at the local store of your choosing. If an item isn’t available, the expected ship times listed in the online store appear to apply. You can also now order custom Mac configurations (with more RAM, bigger hard drives, etc.) for in-store pickup through the app.

The other big new addition is EasyPay, which allows you to scan the bar codes of items you wish to purchase in-store with your iPhone’s camera (iPhone 4 or 4S only) and then pay for them directly in the app through your iTunes account. The app keeps your EasyPay purchase receipts, which should come in handy if you ever have to provide proof of purchase to in-store security on your way out the door.

There’s a new option to track the status of your orders right from within the app, too, which makes it easier to keep track of your online and in-store purchases in one place. The new Personal Pickup and EasyPay services are limited to U.S. customers only for now, but the update does introduce international support for Canadian and Chinese Apple Store customers for its other existing features. Hopefully Apple will continue to roll out Personal Pickup and EasyPay internationally if all goes well with the U.S. launch.



EasyPay sounds like a bit of a cop-out from an iPhone 5 with an NFC chip but it’s cool nonetheless


Seems this is getting a lot of play – EasyPay should but in-store pickup was done way back in 2000. When Best Buy launched their site it was a major feature and one of the most popular. In fact the joke was all BBY stores would have to put in drive through pickup lanes like McDonalds. Instead, they have upfront reserved parking right next to the handicap spots. I’ve been amazed that this feature wasn’t immediately copied by others. It did take a lot of infrastructure/IT changes to implement but still.

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