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An update from HQ: announcing social log-ins

Here at GigaOM Pro HQ, we are excited to announce the launch of social logins, which let you associate your GigaOM Pro account with your favorite social network: Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. The new social login feature will improve your experience with the site, and it will help you find the most relevant and interesting content faster and more easily.

Click here to sign in to GigaOM Pro and start using social logins.

Here are some questions you may have when you first use the new feature.

1. How does the social logins feature work?

You can connect your existing GigaOM Pro account to your favorite social network (Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook) via the new sign-in window on our front page (see below for an example). Simply follow the two-step instructions in the display window to complete this onetime process. Once you have connected your GigaOM Pro account to your designated social media account, you can sign in to GigaOM Pro using your social media credentials.

GigaOM Pro's new social login screen
GigaOM Pro's new social login screen

You can also connect and manage your connected social media networks via your GigaOM Pro profile page (you must be logged in to do so).

Of course, you may choose to log in to GigaOM Pro the classic way, using your email address and password.

2. Why should I use GigaOM Pro’s new social login?

By linking your social network information with us, we can begin to craft a more personalized experience on GigaOM Pro, helping you find what’s most interesting and relevant, faster.

Connecting to your favorite social media network also allows you to sign in with just one click. In the future, we will be adding benefits like streamlined commenting, sharing and greater customization options.

3. Will my personal information be shared on GigaOM Pro or anywhere else?

No. While other GigaOM Pro members will be able to view the information you personally choose to post to your profile, GigaOM Pro will never automatically share what you read and comment on. For the nitty-gritty, you can read our terms of service (TOS) and privacy policy.

Get started now. Click here to sign in to GigaOM Pro using the new social login feature.

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