12 new kinds of media & the rise of “supercuts”


Wired founding editor and author Kevin Kelly notes that these are 12 new types of media forms that have become part of our collective consciousness — including what he calls supercuts, which represent “a video montage cut and sequenced from existing movies and TV and commercials” and “creates a rapid-fire medley of shots representing a theme of some sort.”

Supercuts as a meme is the brainchild of Andy Baio, one of my favorite digital anthropologists. Baio — who helped create Kickstarter and Upcoming, and now works for Expert Labs — has been famous for his curated blog Waxy Links. He has now started Supercuts.org and is curating some of the best video mashups out there. Ironically, I have been linking to these kinds of videos from my personal blog, but never had a way to describe them — but now I do.

Kelly’s list needs one more addition though — “Instagrams.” I think the idea of broadcasting stylized, curated moments of our lives are part of the “broadcast yourself” movement we all seem to be part of, and what I’ve called the “alive web.”

Here’s Kelly’s list:

  • The 18 minute PowerPoint presentation (a la TED)
  • LOL Cats
  • 100-Plus-Hour Serial Dramas (Lost, the Wire, Sopranos)
  • 1-page Blog Post
  • Fan-Fic Novels
  • Remixed Movie Trailers
  • 40-Hour Video Game
  • Bad Lipsyncs
  • 3 Minute Funny Clips (You Tube)
  • 140-Character Tweets
  • A Book of Tweets
  • Video Supercuts

Post and thumbnail photos courtesy of Flickr user Ed Kohler



love the list
more for me a cultural frame, format
and i will add to this list : the dataviz, the gif, etc.


None of these actually constitute a single new medium at all–they’re all genres of pre-existing media


Disagree. New ways to consume and digest existing content can also be seen as new medias…VOD, OLV, yadda, yadda. What is media other than communication one interacts with?

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