Top 5: The future of mobile, smart grid apps, and Hadoop

The future of mobile: a segment analysis by GigaOM Pro

Produced by 13 of GigaOM Pro’s top mobile analysts, this report examines the increasingly crowded mobile space, from the hyper-competitive handset market to mobile payments and mobile advertising. It also includes an analysis of recent major trends (hyperlocal targeting, mobile health, mobile VoIP) and highlights companies to watch from now through 2016.

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Defining Hadoop: the players, technologies and challenges of 2011: Earlier this spring, Derrick Harris predicted that Hadoop was poised to be a major player among large-scale web companies like Facebook. This report explains what the project is and who’s doing what to productize it.

Smart grid apps: six trends that will shape grid evolution: Applications are the future of the smart grid, and domains like smart transportation, smart energy and smart utilities will lead the evolution (and revolution) of this sector.

The future of workplaces: The workplace is changing, and this report examines that shift as we move away from physical locations with set hours and rethink the definition of work.

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