4 Responses to “What TV needs: personalized search and recommendations”

  1. Hi,

    Google serves me adverts across the breadth of the web, through its numerous touch-points and technologies, based on everything it knows about me; However, it still takes at least a single trigger-action from me to be most effective, online video will be me.tv in a similar (and a margin of error of being very wrong).

    Tivo has been doing something similar for some time (also, not unlike the datasets/features held by Amazon), yet nothing replaces serendipitous random discovery, the taste-makers, happenstance, and the simple fact that good stories, and classics and financing, can’t rely on nebulous or superficial concepts of “followers” and “mentions” as meaningful metrics of success.

    Yours kindly,

    Shakir Razak

  2. Douglas Crets

    When the Facebook Open Graph gets going, we are all going to be remote controls for our friends. Every profile is a channel, and every recommendation is a viewer share.