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Surprise! Over-55 crowd adopting smartphones fastest

Although it’s expected that half the total U.S. population will own a smartphone by the end of 2011, some age groups have already surpassed that mark. Nielsen’s third-quarter metrics show that 62 percent of the 25-to-34-year-old U.S. population has a smartphone.

Slightly younger and older age groups are also beyond the 50-percent mark. But the fastest-growing age group adopting smartphones in the past quarter is a surprise: It’s the 55-to-64-year-olds getting their smartphone on.

Looking at the visual data, this point may not be obvious: The 55-to-64-year-old group is the second-lowest line on the smartphone penetration graph. But it’s also the group that showed the biggest jump in the third quarter of 2011: five percent over the prior quarter. Looking back a few quarters ago, the 45–54 age group experienced the same jump. That suggests, at least in the short term, that more people in the older generations are making the transition from feature phones.

That means there’s still potential opportunity for apps that target age-specific needs, which could help some mobile application developers stand out in a sea of apps. Think of apps that focus on health care or transportation needs that older folks may have, for example. As the smartphone-empowered population ages, these areas are primed for interest.

Clearly, the younger population could accurately be called “generation app,” as Nielsen dubs them; smartphone owners are downloading dozens of software titles on their handsets. Even though app stores are filled with hundreds of thousands of titles, developers can still find new growth in the right markets if they know where to look.

If I were a developer, I’d be looking beyond the confines of the young and middle-aged smartphone owners right now, before that segment moves past the 50-percent adoption point.

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4 Responses to “Surprise! Over-55 crowd adopting smartphones fastest”

  1. Hmmm… I wonder what the breakdown is by phone type or even OS. Could there be a correlation between the release of the larger screen Android phones and the increase of smartphone sales in the upper age groups? For me, at almost 55, the answer is yes. I couldn’t care less about smartphones until the screens got bigger. Really you’d think that Apple and Nokia might have noticed that we Boomers are getting old(er).

  2. MilkMushMeat

    As a 52 year-old myself who loves the smartphone tech but abhors the babysitting of said devices, I think that phone manufactures could target the silvering crowd by pre-installing applications that we’d actually use. Instead of ‘Angry Birds’ pre-install ‘Audible’ and ‘Amazon Reader’ and ‘Weatherbug’ -Cheers!-