Meshin for Android tackles communication chaos


Meshin, a Xerox-funded(s xrx) incubator project at PARC, updated its beta Android application that hopes to “bring order to communication chaos.” The free software smartly indexes your contacts as well as all of your communications with them, in order to provide faster access to relevant information. The new beta version includes a number of user interface improvements and gives users the chance to provide additional feedback to the Meshin team.

The software is meant as a communication hub that unifies Gmail(s goog), phone calls, text messages and social network streams into a centralized application. Meshin also learns which contacts are more important, so that their messages and interactions appear higher in the list of communications.

Among the new changes in this version: full screen support; easily change view from VIP to All messages; recently contacted people are automatically added; people search; tap a contact for a full historical message stream; tap and hold to contact a person. In this short video from our recent GigaOM Mobilize event, Meshin Product Manager, Ned Hayes, explains Meshin in detail.

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Am I the only one with “communication chaos” or do I just have too many digital contacts across my work and personal worlds? Regardless, I’m keeping an eye on this space. It won’t be too long before we start to see consumers toss their smartphones in disgust as they constantly get pinged from social networks or wake up daily to overflowing inboxes on their handset.



Thank god, this is just what we need now. Something to put it all together before we drown in our diverse data pools.


Glad we can be that lifesaver, Doug. We’d very much appreciate your feedback so hit us up (Menu > Settings > Send Feedback). Thanks in advance for helping us build a great product.

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