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Green Overdrive [video]: We spend a day driving the i MiEV

Yeah, we’ve test driven a lot of electric cars on the Green Overdrive show, but we don’t usually get to spend all that long driving the cars. Most of the time it’s just around the block or a few minutes on the driving track. But for our latest episode, we took Mitsubishi’s all-electric i MiEV out for a full day of driving, running it through its paces on the highway, in the city, parallel parking, looking for a charge, and packing it with people (and stuff). Here are our impressions:

9 Responses to “Green Overdrive [video]: We spend a day driving the i MiEV”

  1. So the problem with electric cars is that the “battery loses it charge”? That’s funny, as I have a similar problem with my gas car in that for some reason, the gas tank loses its gas and then I have to find a place to put more gas in it. I don’t get it. Anyone else have that problem?

  2. Interesting video. What I can’t seem to understand is why you bloggers put so much effort into making a video designed to inform people, if you are just going to guess at things. Instead of saying that Mitsubishi added “several inches” to the width of the car, why not take the time to find out just how many inches were added? That would be far more informative.

    Also, this car has only 4 seatbelts, so legally you can only carry 3 adult passengers. Have you ever seen what happens to 100+ pounds of untethered flesh and bone if you get in an accident? They usually get ejected from the vehicle, after bouncing off of everyone else. What was the point of stuffing someone in the cargo area anyway? What exactly was that suppose to show your viewers?

  3. “The battery does decrease pretty quickly. … The battery is really dwindling.” Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy on all the technical talk. Next you’ll be giving us crazy details like the actual number of miles you drove and the actual remaining battery level.

  4. sf_reader

    Do garages like Mission & Fifth offer free parking for EVs ? San Jose and a few other places in CA supposedly have free metered parking for EVs everywhere.
    How come their chargers don’t work .. they should have at least the regular 110v plug, no ?

    • please note Katie that the I gets much better range on the battery in town driving as opposed to highway commute, distance between charging almost doubles in town. The energy needed to maintain highway speeds which turn the motor up to 9600rpm is much greater than at say…35mph… another reason there is no cruise control on the car.

  5. i own a mistsubishi car but it runs on gas. it would be interesting if manufacturer will propose a buy-back plan in order to replace gas car with those new green cars.
    i’ll be tempted to make the switch

  6. I wish the R & D team to make a grand success on this Green-O-Drive and Major Automobile should get help from the government to market this products with affordable price and Save our earth.